Kid Tested…Mother Approved

My son Niklas  (shown  above at 2) is now 17 and on his way to college soon.  Time flies by very quickly, except when you are in the middle of potty training your toddler.

Nik was resistant to using the potty until I drew a colorful Potty Plan for him, with peepee and poopoo goals and rewards when he reached a milestone.  Within 3 or 4 days we were done!  Potties were taken care of… really.

So what is a Potty Plan?  Simple, colorful,  downloadable plans designed around toddlers’  favorite themes (e.g., Princess Potty Plan Freddie the Frog Potty Plan, etc.).

Each plan has:

  • A cute character or animal, like Henry the Hedgehog, who is trying to make it to the end of two winding pathd where his den is located.
  • One path is for “Peepees” and the other path is for “Poopoos”.
  • The paths  begin at “Start Here” and travel through a series of steps, with fill-in “Incentive boxes” every third or fourth step.  This is where you add your child’s favorites like a trip to the “zoo” or “playground”, or “apple pie”… whatever gives your toddler incentive to have “successful peepees and poopoos”.

Our current designs include:



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